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Workshop Activities to Build Growth & Sustainability within your Nonprofit Organisation

OPTIMUM NFP has launched a number of workshop-based activities that support organisational change and organisational learning processes. The principal aim of these business workshops is to improve nonprofit organisational capability, leading to growth and sustainability for Australian nonprofit organisations.

These workshop-based activities have all been developed from academic research undertaken throughout David Rosenbaum’s PhD research over the course of the last 7 years. Each has been the basis of presentations and research papers at a range of international and domestic academic and industry conferences. 

Cultural Assessment for Readiness to Change (The CARC Program) which focuses on the extent to which your nonprofit organisation is ready for change and what can be done to ensure organisational agility and people responsiveness to both episodic, as well as ongoing change. Follow this link to the CARC Program details and register your interest today. As an in-house workshop activity, OPTIMUM NFP runs these based on client requirements. By registering your interest, David Rosenbaum of OPTIMUM NFP will schedule a meeting with you to further discuss the Program. Registering interest does not commit your organisation to participate.

Manager Development Groups (MDG) are specifically designed as a professional forum that supports the ongoing development of managers from across your Australian nonprofit, through a facilitated discussion and peer support process. This is undertaken within an Action Learning framework. Follow this URL link to the MDG Program details, and register your interest today. As a public workshop, OPTIMUM NFP structures groups based on intake numbers. Shortly after registration, David Rosenbaum of OPTIMUM NFP will contact you to confirm your group attendees as well as commencement dates.

Change Management for Nonprofits Masterclass is a unique opportunity to hear the outcomes of the latest research into change management in the Australian nonprofit sector. This Masterclass will provide participants with the following:

  • The outcomes of unique research undertaken over the last 7 years in the Australian nonprofit sector
  • Understanding how the research findings can be applied to improving successful change outcomes in your own organisation
  • Tools that you can use in your own organisation that are research-based, and can support you in planning and implementing organisational change

Follow this link to the Change Management for Nonprofits Masterclass and register your interest today. This Masterclass runs twice per year. Registering your interest secures your attendance, following which relevant resource materials will be made available prior to commencement. This link provides Masterclass dates for 2019.

To further discuss any of the above workshop-based activities and how your organisation may benefit from these, contact us today. 



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