"Only three things happen naturally in organisations: friction, confusion, and underperformance.

Everything else requires leadership."

Peter Drucker

Yesterday’s solutions will not solve tomorrow’s problems, therefore management efficiency is not a finite goal. It is an ongoing process to make sure that the right questions are asked, and that support is provided to managers to seek ongoing solutions that maintain organisational stability, and nurture future growth.

OPTIMUM NFP is pleased to announce the launch of the Manager Development Group “(MDG”), designed for all management levels within nonprofit organisations. This professional forum supports the ongoing development of managers through facilitated discussion and peer support, undertaken within the framework of Action Learning.

Managers within nonprofit organisations face many challenges in an environment of constant change. Developing the necessary skills needed to sustain these organisations requires constant effort and a focus on managers from across the organisation.

CEOs must rely heavily on good quality management, and so the development of these managers is a fundamental requirement for a sustainable nonprofit organisation.

The Manager Development Groups recognises these challenges and applies an Action Learning experiential framework as the focus for delivering quality management development.

The MDG will:

  • Be professionally facilitated with a structured agenda
  • Offer a confidential and emotionally safe environment in which you can exchange ideas, challenge your own and peer thinking
  • Introduce the art of questioning as a means of gaining deep insights and facilitate organisational change
  • Provide all members with a range of MDG-specific resources which they are encouraged to use within their organisations

How the MDG will work?

  • The MDG will comprise a series of 6 consecutive, professionally facilitated sessions, each of 3-hours duration over an 18-week period.
  • The agenda will be structured to provide for reflection on achievements and information sharing; identification of challenges and issues pertinent to the sector with solutions focussed discussion, and specific topic discussion
  • The group will be engaged in the art of questioning to achieve outcomes

Where will the MDG sessions be held?

  • Sydney sessions will be held at the offices of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Australian Institute of Management. These sessions will be fully catered.
  • Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide sessions will be held in similar venues with full catering available

David Rosenbaum is an internationally accredited facilitator and a highly experienced consultant. Within a professional learning framework, David’s group facilitation skills successfully foster peer support, increase positive networking outcomes and encourage personal and professional development.

What is the financial commitment to join an MDG?

  • An MDG is comprised of up to 6 members per Group
  • Membership fee becomes payable in full upon registration
  • Fees are $900 (plus GST) per member for the 6 sessions, representing real value for money at only $150 per member, per session

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