Your future survival will depend largely on your organisations ability to adapt & change in evolving markets.

Become Change Ready! - Introducing C.A.R.C.

OPTIMUM NFP announces the launch of the C.A.R.C. Initiative (Cultural Assessment for Readiness to Change).

This initiative has resulted from PhD research undertaken by David Rosenbaum which represents the latest research undertaken on change management in the Australian Nonprofit sector. David has presented his research and findings at key international conferences in Italy, the United States and the United Kingdom and is scheduled to present further aspects of the findings here in Australia and in the Netherlands in 2017.

What was the research about?

  • It recognised the uniqueness of the NFP sector and its people;
  • It identified the impact that such uniqueness had on sustainable change management;
  • It researched change from the perspective of people experiencing and managing it.

Why is this research important?

  • Australian nonprofit organisations are currently facing many challenges that question their very existence, in the provision of disability services, aged care services,employment services, community services, health, education, etc.;
  • Organisational survival will be dependent on the ability to change service delivery models, structures, and/or business models. The key to success is to realise that organisations do not change, rather, people within them change. So unless your people are ready for change, in every sense of the process, sustainable change will not be guaranteed, irrespective of the quality of your change plans;
  • Change processes can be costly, therefore failure will cost your organisation at a time when you can least afford it.
  • The application of the findings of this research will ensure that people within your nonprofit can cope with change, thereby minimising costly failure.

How flexible is the C.A.R.C.?

  • As an interview-based analysis it caters for all organisational sizes and settings
  • In the absence of a one-size-fits-all approach, which is characteristic of many organisation-culture assessments, the C.A.R.C. is built around your organisation’s unique context, environment, people and requirements.
  • Investment is based on number of staff interviewed, and therefore caters to all organizational sizes.  




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